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SaaS: the robust and cost effective approach to BigBlueButton hosting

BigBlueButton is the leading open source video conferencing system for classrooms.

Installing and maintaining BigBlueButton is challenging, expensive and resource inefficient because servers are idle most of the week. Managing recordings across multiple servers is difficult. Maintaining redundant Stun / Turn servers is a further complication and expense. Most hosting providers offer inflexible seat licenses that are expensive per hour of meeting use and need further complicated software such as 'Scalelite' in order to scale.

BBB On Demand solves all of these problems - providing you with meetings or dedicated instances at cloud scale and on demand.

On Demand Meetings

Using a standard BigBlueButton library or integration (such as Moodle) your system requests a meeting from BBB On Demand.

In seconds, we create the meeting within our auto-scaling fleet of BigBlueButton servers, local to your users.

Your users join and participate in the meeting in the usual way.

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Example of Moodle BigBlueButton Plugin managing a meeting via BBB On Demand.
Example of Moodle BBB Plugin managing a meeting via BBB On Demand.

Worldwide Points of Presence and ultra fast network.

Video conferencing (including BigBlueButton) makes high demands of network speed and bandwidth so using servers close to your users makes for higher quality meetings.

BBB On Demand has 15 points of presence across five continents - including within the EU under a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement.

We use the astonishingly fast dedicated fibre network built by Google for themselves and their customers. This is transparent to you, but means better quality videoconference for your users.

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Classroom using BigBlueButton on

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World map showing BigBlueButton points of presence provided by BBB On Demand
Data centres we use for BigBlueButton hosting.

Take the headaches out of recordings

  1. A BigBlueButton meeting is recorded in the usual way
  2. When the meeting finishes, recording data is moved to a separate high performance server for immediate and high speed processing.
  3. The processed recording is then moved to long term cloud storage. If published it is then hosted for viewing from BBB On Demand servers.

Learn more about the advantages of processing and storing recordings in the cloud.

How to efficiently processes and host bigbluebutton recordings
The life cycle of a BigBlueButton recording managed by BBB On Demand.

On Demand Instances.

As an alternative to on demand meetings, you can use BBB On Demand to create BigBlueButton servers for your exclusive use.

This is done using a simple API. We publish the API specification, / Swagger definition, and have open sourced a PHP library to create, start, stop and destroy instances. These servers have persistent disks and incur only a minimal charge when stopped

Different machine sizes are available, up to 32 CPU and 128Gb Ram

After creating or starting an instance, you can manage meetings and recordings with any of the standard BBB Libraries or integrations.

Optionally, BBB On Demand can manage recordings from your dedicated instances in the same way as described above, with off machine processing, cloud storage and hosting.

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Example of BBB On Demand API used to create
                            dedicated BigBlueButton instances
Example of BBB On Demand API used to create dedicated BigBlueButton instances

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